PET HACK 23-24-052011 Ninja Saga PET MODE HACK V1.2


Tools :
-Net Frame Work. [Search on google]
-Fiddler. [download]
-SWF File. [Download on link below]

Download SWF File:
Download Now

This time i will post about hot to increased your pet damage :
* Run your Ninja Saga with mozilla or google chrome.
* Run the Fiddler.
* Clear Cache on your browser.
* on tab "autoresponer" checklist "enable automatic responses" & "Permit passthrough for unmatches request"
* drag the SWF file to autoresponder tab (tab which you have checklist before).
* clear cache 1 more time.

Clear Cache :
Tools > Clear Recent History > Clear Cache > Everything > Clear Now

Best regards,
Risang Edy Kuncoro

Medusakick - Beginning of a Story

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