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Medusakick - This is the latest version of zynga poker hack Zynga Poker Bot that works well, in this Zynga Poker Bot has updated the ability to read Zynga Poker "blind", so you do not have to do it manually. Zynga Poker Bot Bot is 100% AFK, in Zynga Poker Bot V.4 was added ability to make decisions "Call", "Rise", "Call Any" and "Fold" in accordance with the state of the card on the table, even your can manage any card you want to "All in", "Rise", "Call Any" or "Fold", it makes Zynga Poker Bot can play with your own style.Zynga Poker Bot is the development of Zynga Poker Bot by cornernote, but Zynga Poker Bot been much development of the original versions, some of the development include

- Change "Blind" position
- Adjust the decision of the Card
- Adjust the decision of Score
- Etc

Download Link :
Download - Zynga poker bot v 4

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